“Vuoksa” hydrotherapy platforms

“Vuoksa” hydrotherapy platform allows making their impact the most effective and most beneficial for the body, and the management of procedures convenient for the doctor.
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“AQUASPA” contactless hydromassage couch

“AQUASPA” contactless hydromassage couch (bath) is the latest Russian medical high-tech equipment, allowing to use all the therapeutic effects of classical hydromassage without direct contact of the patient with water.
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What makes us different

Focus on the best

In our work, we strived for the quality of the world's best hydromassage equipment

High reliability

Thanks to high-quality components and thoughtful design, we have achieved very high reliability of our equipment, even in continuous operation

Low cost

Despite the high quality components of our equipment, we keep the low cost of products for our customers

Physiotherapy · Rehabilitation · Spa

Classical hydromassage and hydromassage without direct patient contact with water are effective procedures for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Find out more about how our equipment can help with your work


Our equipment

We offer equipment assembled only from the most modern components and using only the latest software

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